Surfatex are experts in the area of concrete grinding, overlays and sealing. Concrete finished to a high standard provides an extremely hard, easy to clean floor.

Concrete Grinding

Utilising the latest in grinding equipment, Surfatex is experienced in:

  • Grinding out lumps, ridges, trowel marks and rain damaged concrete.
  • Removing glues and topping compounds from concrete floors.
  • Preparing concrete for the application of FLC’s, coatings, vinyl and carpet

Concrete Overlay

Towelled concrete overlays are applied from a few millimetres thick over damaged or corroded concrete. Overlays are many times harder than concrete, durable and maintenance free once applied.  We have used concrete overlays extensively in dairy sheds and industrial workshops.

Concrete overlays can also be used for decorative effect. Overlays can be tinted to a range of colours to give a new lease of life to dull concrete floors, driveways or footpaths. Colour can give the effect of a more expensive stone surface or we are able to create the appearance of tiles or marble at a fraction of the cost.

Concrete Sealing

We apply a wide selection of concrete sealers including:

  • sealers that can be applied the same day concrete is poured and assist in the curing process
  • matt to high gloss sealers & coatings
  • extremely hard wearing petrol and chemical resistant sealers
  • deep penetrating sealers that significantly reduce the absorption qualities of concrete without changing its appearance.
  • paving sealers that bind jointing sand and seal pavers.
  • concrete overlay sealers
  • Coloured Sealers

Colouring Concrete

A great way to brighten up, decorate and give character to existing concrete floors, pathways and driveways. There are a number of options available all producing different depth of colour and levels of durability. Our skilled use of colour application can create the effect of marble, tile or a rich coloured stone finish. Colouring options include:

  • Cement based paints
  • Coloured sealers
  • Acid stains
  • Solvent Stains
  • Water based stains

Whatever your requirements are we have the expertise and the products that will insure you get the best available option to meet your needs.