Dairy Wall Coatings

We are specialists in the application of Dairy Wall coatings. We are the only licensed applicator in the lower North Island of the Acraflex Dairy Wall Coating system. Acraflex coatings are designed specifically for the dairy industry. Acraflex seals against bacterial build up, is hardwearing, very easy to clean and will brighten up any working dairy shed. The unique “Flecked” finish not only looks great but is nice and easy to clean.

While we have continued to grow and expand over the past 9 years servicing the dairy industry is our area of expertise and we remain committed to service and quality control in an effort to maintain our number one position.

10 Year guarantee on Dairy Wall Coatings for all new shed applications

Our other services on offer that are also used extensively in dairy sheds. 

In the dairy environment our floor coatings are used extensively to protect concrete from the chemical attack which corrodes concrete, especially in plant room and vat stand areas. We also have a heavy aggregate resin overlay which assures a non slip surface for your cows on bridge, platform and other high traffic areas.

Damaged or corroded concrete in plant rooms or bale areas are a constant focus for shed inspectors. We are able to repair damaged concrete using our concrete overlays. These polymer cement overlays can be applied from a few millimetres thick, creating a “good as new” concrete floor at a fraction of the cost. This system has more than proven itself over the past 37 years.

Concrete sealers  are also a great option when it comes to protecting your concrete. We have penetrating sealers that still allow the concrete to breathe but reduce the absorption qualities. As a result the concrete maintains the non slip characteristics of untreated concrete but doesn’t suck up the muck! A great option for the floors in the shed!

Whatever your requirements are we have the expertise and the products that will insure you get the best available option to meet your needs.